Septic Tanks

We manufacture, sell, and install concrete septic tanks to our contractors and homeowners. To receive an estimate on a septic system, the homeowner must first obtain a permit from the county health department. Once the permit has been issued, then the homeowner should fax this information to Brooks Concrete. Within two days of receiving the faxed permit Brooks Concrete will provide an estimate for the cost of the Septic System. Most Septic System installations will be completed within 1 to 3 weeks.

Tank Specifications

900 Gallon Tank
The 900 Gallon Tank is the standard residential septic tank. This can be delivered and installed, or if preferred Brooks Concrete will deliver and set in an already prepared hole.
The specifications are: 7400 lbs 56" high 101" long 61" wide

275 Gallon Tank
The 275 Gallon Tank is a small “grease-trap” size tank primarily used for washing machines, or as a “pump tank” used for pumping into other systems.
The specifications are: 2775 lbs 57" high 53" long 36" wide

Aerobic Tanks
Aerobic Tanks are septic systems that are mandated in certain areas by environmental concerns. These systems are available in 500, 700, and 1000 gallon capacities. Contact Brooks Concrete for pricing details, as these systems usually are a little more expensive.

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